Stop The Fence at Tule Lake – Please sign this petition!!

The Federal Aviation Agency wants to build a fence at Tule Lake, supposedly to protect the Tule Lake Municipal Airport from deer or crop duster planes.  There is scant evidence that there have been deer crossing into the runways.  Anyone who has been to Tule Lake will see that the area is pretty desolate already.

The proposed fence will desecrate the physical and spiritual aspects of Tule Lake. This massive fence will prevent Japanese Americans who while attempting to mourn their own past, will instead be assaulted with the reminder of rejection, exclusion and emotional pain. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, in an effort to be more “sensitive” to our concerns, the proposed fence would not be topped with barbed wire…. Please show your support that the most sensitive solution is to NOT BUILD THE FENCE.

Go to this LINK to sign.

Thank you!!