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The Tag Project is grateful to the many individuals and organizations who provided donations to defray the costs of the tags, the stamping materials, postage, printing costs, supplies (pens, rubber bands, tape, etc).   Many thanks to the volunteers who not only donated their time but also helped with postage. Every little bit helped!!

I want to extend a heartfelt and very special thanks to the donors thus far:


Verna Abe

Buddhist Church of San Diego

Peggy Chung

Jamie Ford

Midori and Yaeji Fujino

Dave and Natchi Furukawa

Kenneth and Mieko Furukawa

Judy Gust

Bob and Tsuru Hirai

Tom and Yo Honda

Kazi Ishii and Dale Kusumoto

Cindy Kitade

Guy and Toshi Kiyoi

Jerry May

Mark Lyman and Anne Meszko

Gwen Momita

Sachi Nishida

Amy Okamura

Pioneer Ocean View United Church of Christ, San Diego

Cathy Schairer

Mary Schairer

Janice Shigehara

Marie Switkes

Janet and Rick Takehashi

Edith Takeshita

Ruth Takeshita

Taeko and Tom Udo

Ventura County JACL

Ruth U. Voorhies



San Diego State University Arts Council Grant

California Civil Liberties Public Education Program

Windgate Charitable Foundation


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