Purple Moon Dance Project to perform at the Arkansas Art Center

In a special collaboration, emerging within the gallery installation, Purple Moon Dance Project and Artistic Director Jill Togawa will present When Dreams Are
Interrupted, a riveting site-specific performance that uncovers the profound imprint left on a neighborhood by the forced removal and mass evacuation of
Japanese American communities in 1942. Dancers Jill Togawa, Ruth Ichinaga and Sharon Sato will explore and infuse with the Tag Project to draw out the
stories and memories amassed by artist Wendy Maruyama and to highlight local history and stories.

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movieDate: february 19, 1942

Scenes from Topaz. Filmed illegally by David Tatsuno with a smuggled film camera.



ON THIS DAY in 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order #9066, allowing the U.S. military to relocate Japanese-Americans to internment camps. Subsequent events were documented in the 1945 film, TOPAZ, filmed (illegally) at Topaz, Utah, Relocation Center by Dave Tatsuno.

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ImageImageExecutive Order 9066 opened on February 7 at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock.
The choice of Arkansas as an exhibition venue was supremely important to me because there were two internment camps in the state (Rohwer and Jerome), just within 100 miles of Little Rock.
I was awestruck by Brian Lang’s artful installation of the exhibition: the red walls referred to red inks of the tags, and the lighting and distribution of the tag groupings worked beautifully in their space.  Most importantly, this exhibition marks the very first time that Executive Order 9066 has been shown together in its entirety.   ImageImageImageImageImage
Attendees of this exhibition will be in for a real treat:  the Arts Center has collaborated with the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies and the Arkansas Center for History and Culture to organize Relics of Rohwer: Gaman and the Art of Perseverance, a related exhibition documenting the experiences and artwork of Japanese Americans at Rohwer, one of two internment camps located in Arkansas.
The fabulous artwork is on loan from the Mabel Rose Jamison Vogel/Rosalie Santine Gould Collection, Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, Central Arkansas Library System.
All photos on this page are by Cindy Momchilov.
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The Tag Project at the Old Globe Theatre

In conjunction with the new musical “Allegiance,” which ran at The Old Globe last Fall, a portion of The Tag Project was on view in the theater’s lobby.  A related exhibition of objects from the internment camps, organized by the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego, will be on view at the Museum of Man Annex, next to the Globe.  

Tule LakeHeart Mountain and Poston were chosen for this particular installation:  the incarceration camps, Tule Lake and Heart Mountain are at the center and settings of the musical itself.  Most of the Japanese Americans who lived in San Diego were sent to Poston –  and its presence in the exhibition honors the fact that “Allegiance” opened in our fair city.

The Tag Project was viewed 45 minutes before each performance of “Allegiance,” from September 25th through October 21 at The Old Globe in Balboa Park.


The Purple Moon Dance Project, based in San Francisco, performed during a closing event at the University Art Gallery on April 28th, 2012.  Many thanks to Jill Shiraki, Jill Guillermo Togawa, Sharon Sato, Ruth Ichinaga, Pauline Guillermo Togawa, Joyce Teague, and Mich Himaka for their participation in this wonderful performance.  And, a special thanks to Xavier for filming the event.