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Why relive the past? (1)

WWII is long over.  Why relive the past?  Why do we want to revisit the effects of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which prompted the removal and incarceration of thousands of innocent Japanese Americans who happened to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time”?

Because its all about “peace and freedom and justice for all Americans”.

In today’s news, it was reported in Salon.com that   “…a protest of a Muslim fundraising event in Orange County last month devolved into chants of “Muhammed was a pervert,” “you beat your wife and rape your children,” and the like, according to a new video of the demonstration.  The Feb. 13 Islamic Circle of North America event aimed to raise money to fund women’s shelters and fight homelessness in the area. 

Still the ripples of hate, stirred by the events of 9/11, are alive and well, and led by politicians and elected officials, no less. 



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